For everyday workout, training suits should be light and portable. MUMUSK sauna suits are made of ultralight fabrics. So wearers can enjoy a light and comfortable workout, which helps their bodies stay in shape.

sauna sweat suits for weight-loss

 MUMUSK introduced 50 denier(125 grams per a yard) interlock ultralight fabric into sauna suits, it is half weight of other normal training suits. It allows wears to carry them easily in the portable waterproof pouch, wherever and whenever they want.

A portable pouch for a sauna suit  MUMUSK sauna suits have excellent durability, dynamic stability, and quick dry. Previous sauna suit are usually made of thick coating fabrics, which makes wears feel heavy and uncomfortable. However, MUMUSK have applied light, flexible and durable fabrics, so that help people  feel easy wearing sauna suits. They can concentrate on their workouts without being interrupted by discomfort or external physical resistance.

sauna suits for workout

 In addition, because it gets dried faster, it can save time doing laundries, and it can be a great merit in busy modern life.


MUMUSK Women Hotmelt Coated Hoodie Sauna Jacket Lavender