1. The birth of MUMUSK Sauna Suits


 A sauna suit is one of fitness-wears and its history has been over 100 years. Historically, sauna suits have been worn by athletes who aim to prevent joint injuries or lose weight. Especially they have been used by wrestlers for a quick water weight loss by perspiration-induced dehydration.

 It used to be called a rubber suit or a plastic-wear, because the earlier types of it was usually made of rubberized cloth of PVC.

 The increase in a body temperature and the weight loss by perspiration were the only purposes of sauna suits in the past. So there was no scientific study that proves harmlessness to human. And no one cared about the toxicity of plastics caused when they met heats.

MUMUSK has a certificate of harmlessness. The test research institute KOTITI certificated that it is safe substance which formaldehyde and arylamine were not found on.

 Nowadays, the public attention on safety has been enhance and people desire to find some ways that have a balance between efficacy and health. So Mumusk introduced eco-friendly hotmelt adhesives used in baby products and ultralight fabrics into sauna suits for safer and healthier sweating.


2. The effects of MUMUSK Sauna Suits


     Someone raises doubt about the effects of sauna suits. However, the sauna suits do have some good effects on several points.

     Firstly, the closures of sauna suits at waist, neck, wrists and ankles are elasticated to retain body radiant heat and moisture within the suits.

     It activates heat generation and metabolism even in low intensity workouts, and it helps wearers prevent injuries. Moreover, the heat generated by sauna suits promote body waste removal, blood circulation and weight loss.

    sauna suits test report 

    MUMUSK signed MOU with The Sports and Wellness Research Center of Yongin University and have done a scientific study to demonstrate the effect of sauna suits on weight loss. Presentation of a thesis “Effects of wearing functional sauna suit on weight loss, energy expenditure, and exercise efficacy at acute exercise” proved body fat loss, weight loss and calories consumption increasement by sauna suits via The Korean Journal of Sport.


    product flexibility

     And the spandex of Mumusk Sauna suits provides wearers higher concentration and more active movements during workouts, because it has better elasticity than other sportswear. 

     Sauna suits also have a visual effect. Dehydration of the skin makes the muscles look more clearly. And the sweat on the skin makes you feel that you worked out hard and motivates you to keep working out.   


    It is why you need MUMUSK sauna suits.

    Sauna suits that is not only safe and healthy, but also efficient.

    Come with us!!