A lot of people choose running as their method for losing weight. Because running is widely known to have a great effect on weight loss. However, weight loss is not the only benefit that running can give us. Then, what can be other benefits we can receive from running?


 Improve blood and oxygen circulation

 While running, your heart rate and stroke volume-the amount of blood your heart pumps out with each beat-start to increase, improving the flow of blood inside the body. Because oxygen contained inside your blood helps supplying your muscles with the oxygen required during exercise.

 The amount of blood and oxygen that’s pumped out from your heart every minute is called your cardiac output (CO). Your CO will increase with training, so every heartbeat will supply your body with more oxygen than before. A higher CO means you’ll be able work harder to improve your performance while running.


 Relieves Stress

 Stress can actually cause a number of health and mood problems. It also has an effect on diminishing appetite and enhancing sleep quality. When you run, you force your body to exert excess energy and hormones. Running also helps to reduce your chances the possibility of developing tension headaches.


 Lose Weight

 Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight. You will find that it is a leading way to burn off extra calories and that it is also one of the most effective exercises in terms of calories burned per minute. You may burn 705 to 865 calories per hour while running. Fat moving Up-Down helps break your fat down.

 Regular running controls your body to burn fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrate.  And while your body’s using fat for energy, it isn’t using the carbohydrate you’ve stored as glycogen. It is more efficient because your body can only store a limited supply of glycogen while fat is more readily available.


Running, which is one of the best exercise for your health.
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