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Saramsarang Co., Ltd. strives to become a company that emphasizes the importance of quality management with differentiated products through the rigorous coating technology production process of MUMUSK in cooperation with many domestic and foreign factories.


MUMUSK is a brand responsible for the planning, design, production, distribution, and sales of fabrics. Our goal is to provide the best products according to the needs of customers with the best quality.

Saramsarang Co., Ltd. Holds the patent for the core material and the patent for the sweat suit technology, which is the first coating technology in Korea.


Published a paper on the effect of wearing the functional MUMUSK on weight loss, energy consumption and exercise efficiency. MUMUSK proves the decrease in body fat and weight and increase in calorie consumption ratio in The Korean Journal of Sport.


Saramsarang Co., Ltd. complies with international standards that stipulate the requirements of the quality management system and produces at authorized manufacturing facilities.

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