As the public is getting interested in diet sauna suits, the Silverhilon8000 fabric, developed by the sauna suit specialty brand MUMUSK, is garnering attention too.


What is Silverhilon8000?

 Siverhilon8000 is MUMUSK-developed specialized material designed for sauna suits. MUMUSK obtained a patent on Silverhilon8000, which is one and only in the world.

 It is made of dual fabrics: a silver coated lining fabric that helps maintain body heat on one side, and soft cotton outer fabric on the other side. And thin sheets made of highly breathable polyurethane are bonded to them.

 Silverhilon8000 is differentiated from other existing sauna suit textiles that simply block body heat loss and raise body temperature.

 Radiant heat circulating effect of specially silver coated lining activates faster perspiration, so it can greatly help short-term weight loss. In addition to this, MUMUSK also considered radiant heat facilitation, perspiration permeation, anti-bacterial process, and motility when developing patented high-quality coating technology.

 This premium technology-based fabric is delivered even to world-renowned sports company ODM (Original Development Manufacturing)


What are the effects of Silverhilon8000?

  1. Anti-bacterial effect

 Silverhilon8000 blocks 99.9% of the habitat environment of fungi and bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus. By doing so, it can prevent propagation of bacteria and unpleasant body odor after sweating.

  1. Effective perspiration permeation

 Silverhilon8000 is optimized for radiant heat facilitation and perspiration permeation because it is covered in a highly breathable layer of polyurethane.

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  1. Spandex

 Spandex fiber contained allows wears more flexible and active movements. It helps them to concentrate on workouts without being interrupted.

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  1. Stylish

 Unlike other sauna suits usually made of polyester, premium cotton outer fabrics are added to specially coated Silverhilon8000 lining. Thanks to this, there is no rustling noise made by the clothes and no vinyl-like silhouettes that other sauna suits have. By using Silverhilon8000 material, MUMUSK have made fashionable, light, and casual wear-like stylish designs of sauna suits.

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Why MUMUSK? Why Silverhilon8000?

If a sauna suit in the past was only for dehydration,

MUMUSK sauna suit is the best sauna suit completed with advanced technologies such as radiant heat, moisture permeability, and antibacterial functions.