When summer comes up and the weather gets hotter and hotter, most of us might make a plan to lose weight. And for more effective and short-term weight loss, the public attention on sauna suits is increasing. In turn, the change not only in the function, but also design of sauna suit has naturally followed up.



 A Sauna suit that catches both of function and the fashion at once!

 sauna suit on fashion magazine

 MUMUSK sauna suit has got published in a fashion review magazine for the first time as a sauna suit.

hot-melt coating on sauna suits

 MUMUSK sauna jacket for weight loss is made from environment friendly hot-melt for healthier sweating and ultra-light fabric for portability. Consequently, could introduce a modern design which is making a balance between the function and the convenience.

sauna suit influencers' review

 The design can stand comparison with daily wears, even there are a lot of reviews from SNS influencers.

 sauna suit running

 In addition to this trendy and stylish design, it also has sauna suit functions!

  Sauna suits help wearers increase their body temperature quickly so that protect joint injuries. The flexibility is better than other normal training suits, allowing wearers comfortable and active workout.


A Sauna suit that catches both of function and the fashion at once!
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