Everyone who wants to be strong goes to the gym. Gym has been a place that is (so-called) man-like and where the strongest guys gathered, however nowadays, we can easily find that many people from the young generation to seniors go to the gym because weight training is now proved to have plenty of benefits to our health. Not only it simply help people make muscles or shapes. Then, what are those benefits?



1. Get stronger

Lifting heavy weights increase the power and strength of your muscles. Lifting Heavy weight includes the activity that works your muscles against resistance (why it's also called resistance training). So by stressing your muscles, it activates them to grow and become stronger. Strength training with heavy weights enhances your muscle mass and definition. Weight training might also help you get better at your favorite non-gym activities.


2. Good Posture

 Being stuck in a same position all day weakens the stabilizing muscles in your torso and your core muscles, which mostly affect your posture. Regular weight training can helps increase the endurance of your core muscles that is responsible for stabling and balancing your whole body, and in turn, help you correct your body posture.


3. Control Body Fat

 Strong muscles have a significant effect on one’s body's fat cells. In a December 2014 ​Obesity​ study done by Harvard, it is proved that, minute per minute, strength training does more to regulate age-related abdominal fat than does cardio

 Hard weight-lifting workouts bring about a short-term metabolic boost, which is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC, according to the American Council on Exercise. It is because your body requires extra oxygen to cool down and recover itself after weight training. What's more, over the long term, building lean muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate.

 Weight training might support healthy body fat levels by affecting hormone releasing.


4. Weight Training with MUMUSK Sauna Suit :  A Safe Way to Prevent Injuries



 As referred above, weight training do have positive effects on our physical fitness. However, because it is a sports that uses and deals heavy weight, there is always a possibility of injuries, and you need to be careful about it.

 Sauna suits can help prevent the risk of get injured in weight training. The closures of sauna suits at waist, neck, wrists and ankles are elasticated to retain body radiant heat and moisture within the suits. It activates heat generation and metabolism even in low intensity workouts, and it helps you prevent joint injuries. 

 Especially FLEXGEAR, designed on 3-dimensional body, can function instead of waist muscles with the closeness to the body based on compression. Close-balance pattern of in-house developed Waist Long Band wraps over your core resiliently so that prevent core injuries. In addition to this, MUMUSK-developed 0.8mm special support stick strengthens the axis of waist. It helps support the pelvis and the lumber. With FLEXGEAR, you can enjoy your training with less worries about being damaged!

 Not only good for preventing injuries, but also effective for burning body fats during workout.


Safe Weight Training with MUMUSK Sauna Suits
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