Nowadays, a lot of people are starting yoga to get into a beautiful shape and for health. When you think about the effect of yoga, maybe improvement in strength, balance and flexibility, or meditation might easily come up in your mind. Probably, some of you will also expect weight loss by yoga. Then, what if wearing sauna suits, that help warm your body and lose weight, when you do yoga?


 Most people worry that sauna suit must be suitable only for running or boxing because of its appearance, and that the fabrics of it is so stiff that it won’t be proper for some sports like yoga or Pilates.

For those who worry about it, POINT FIXE made sauna suits flexible and comfortable enough for yoga.

sauna suit for yoga

POINT FIXE yoga sauna suits are made of spandex, ultralight and breathable fabrics. Top quality Spandex, increase body temperature, help you burn more calories, produce more sweat and sweat out harmful toxins to keep healthy. And at the same time do not bother you with any uncomfortable feeling. The perfect combination of comfort and performance.


And for those who hesitated to have a sauna suit because of its training wear-like appearance, POINT FIXE also considered its design. The Pearl-span, a functional material optimized for muscle workouts such as yoga or fitness, enhance pretty feminine silhouette anytime and any occasion.

POINT FIXE leggings are extremely flexible, sporting a traditional yoga pants look making sure that no one will notice you're wearing sauna suit leggings.

the sauna suit for yoga

Lightweight and flexible, the compression tights allow for the full range of motion of your body due to their ergonomic design. With a higher stretch value POINT FIXE won't get in the way of you performing at your best. With compression throughout, the sauna tights will support and protect your muscles and let you move freely.

the sauna suit for yoga

POINT FIXE is designed for movement!