Due to coronavirus, it has been difficult to exercise not only outdoor but also in indoor places where people gather. This caused many people to worry about sudden weight gain due to reduced activity. However, exercise is more important than anything else to strengthen immunity and stay healthy in these situations like this.

POINT FIXE Sauna Suit for Men and Women, Sweat Suit Gym Workout Weight Loss Slim Fitness Clothes

POINT FIXE, a premium sauna suit brand, recommends ways to enjoy exercising and to lose weight in a healthy way using sauna suits. Sauna suits are functional sportswear that help release sweat by increasing body temperature faster than the exercise intensity. Athletes who have to lose weight fast has been using it as it prevents joint injuries and controls their weight gain.


POINT FIXE, a sweat suit brand that sold more than 1 million diet sweat suits in Korea, has entered the Amazon US. Sweat suits are functional sportswear that helps to reduce body fat by increasing body temperature and releasing sweat faster when exercising. Previously, only professional athletes who needed to lose weight have used it, but with the trend of running and training, the general public started to wear it as well.


The sweat suit boasts excellent body temperature maintenance and radiant heat. Clinical experiments at the Sports Wellness Research Center showed results that exercising the same amount of time, wearing a sweat suit had higher physical fat, weight loss and calorie consumption per hour compared to a regular sports attire.

 POINT FIXE Sauna Suit for Men and Women, Sweat Suit Gym Workout Weight Loss Slim Fitness Clothes

Due to this, POINT FIXE has gained a lot of love from famous celebrities and people that sales exceeded 1 million in October 2020. It now exports to France, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and is supplying sweat suits to world-renowned sports company ODM (Original Development Manufacturing).


POINT FIXE is going to produce sauna suits by applying No. 10-1893567, the only patented fabric in Korea. Made of ultra-lightweight fabric, it is comfortable to wear when exercising and convenient to carry around. Spandex material that combines polyester and polyurethane ensures elasticity and makes activities easier. In addition, since it uses eco-friendly adhesive hot-melt materials, it does not contain any toxic, formaldehyde, or bleach ingredients, so it can drain sweat with no harm during exercise. POINT FIXE also has a non-toxic test report on hot-melt materials.


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