Most of us have decided to lose weight
Because of BELLY FAT!
So today,
​Here came with partial sauna suit, FLEXGEAR​
 Which allows us to wear it additionally for belly fat diet!


The FLEXGEAR waist sauna wrap has been engineered so that it's extremely light and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time while providing all the muscles and core support you need. 
3D patterned FLEXGEAR, designed on 3-dimensional body, can function instead of waist muscles with the closeness to the body based on compression. Close-balance pattern of in-house developed Waist Long Band wraps over wearer’s core resiliently so that prevent core injuries.
FLEXGEAR is not only good for some sports which requires waist exercise such as golf,
But also it is good for daily workouts!
 Because the first step of FLEXGEAR was sauna suit for weight loss!
​FLEXGEAR waist sauna wrap is effective for belly diet!
Why is the FLEXGEAR good?

1️. Silverhilon 8000

Wearing the FLEXGEAR waist sauna wrap while working out or while performing daily activities creates a hot sauna-like experience. The silver coated fabric increases your core temperature to promote sweating for faster water weight-loss results.
Flexgear Waist Sauna Sweat Wrap

2. Waist Support!

MUMUSK-developed 0.8mm special support stick strengthens the axis of waist. It helps support the pelvis and waist.
Compression support for active workouts & daily wear. Suitable for golf, gym training, running, boxing, weightlifting, fitness training and so on. Wear it underneath your clothes, and no one will suspect you're wearing a sauna wrap.

3. ​The Flexibility of Spandex

Polyester 70%,  Spandex 30%
Compression Spandex hold your belly tightly!
Why don't you say good bye with your belly?