When you are working out and choosing what to wear, the most important point is of course its function and the comfort. However, you can never miss the fashion at the same time!
 So today, here are some trendy and stylish sauna suit set up styling for women.
1. Top : MUMUSK Women Hotmelt Coated Hoodie Sauna Jacket Lavender

Give point on the top with fresh lavender colored jacket, and match tone-downed pants on the bottom. Thanks to elegant color on the top, just simple match of jacket and the pants looks stylish and fine.

MUMUSK Sauna Suit for Men and Women, Sweat Suit Gym Workout Weight Loss Slim Fitness Clothes


2. Top :  POINT FIXE Women Sauna Suit Raglan Cropped Zip-Up Hoodie Gray

Cropped length on top and long tights matches can give visual effect. Shorter top helps you look taller and your legs longer. And the exposure of hip line can emphasize your feminine silhouette.


cropped zip up hoodies

cropped zip up sauna suits


3. Top : POINT FIXE Women Sauna Suit Crew Neck Short Sleeve 

Bright color and free-sized loose fit top can make cute and fresh image. Furthermore, if you want to cover your hip and lower body, loose and long top will help you with it and may allow you comfortable movements.

sauna suit crew neck short sleeve


5. Bottom : POINT FIXE Women Yoga Leggings Black

Top quality Spandex and Silverhilon8000 coating, increase body temperature, help you burn more calories, produce more sweat and sweat out harmful toxins to keep healthy, for healthy prompt weight loss effect.  *Only the waist band is silver coated!
POINT FIXE Sauna Suit for Men and Women, Sweat Suit Gym Workout Weight Loss Slim Fitness Clothes
So far, we've browsed three recommended stylings for women's sauna suits. 
These are not the end, there are more designs and colors for women's in MUMUSK
If you want more about them, please visit our online store!