Boxing Workout

It helps us relieve our stress and have balance between muscular exercise and aerobic exercise. 
Exciting, active, enjoyable exercise and boxing are recommended for those who are tired of boring exercise.
With a sauna suit, the effect of boxing diet will be doubled up!
Rope skipping, the basic of boxing.
Improves basic physical strength through aerobic exercise. 
It is the most basic of weight loss.
Also, there is a lot of actions such as punching, so boxing is helpful for weight control and muscular strength improvement.
Jump Rope in a sauna suit

Weight loss essentials, MUMUSK

Protect injuries during boxing workout, Increase the effect of workouts by sweating, Sauna suit has a quick heating effect, which is for elevating body temperature and prevent joint injuries.
And it has better flexibility than normal training suits, that does not bother you while you are working out, so good for concentrating and activeness.
mumusk sauna suits

1. Antibacterial Function
MUMUSK sauna suit blocks 99.9% of habitat of fungi and bacteria.
Also, it is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and bleach-free.

2. 4Way Spandex Fabric
Polyester 92%, Spandex 8%

High-quality, durable, and 4-Way Stretch spandex technology enables users to feel comfortable in various activities, including stretching, running, boxing, and more.


3. Ultralight Fabric
Sweat suit should be EXTRA light because the weight of the clothes feels much heavier when absorbing sweat. MUMUSK sauna suit is made of ultra-light material which weighs only 120g per yard, so that the athletes can perform in a comfortable condition even during an extended duration of exercise.

4. Exercise Effectively and Efficiently

It quickly radiates the heat generated from the body, continuously helping a swift evaporation of sweat. As a result, even with the same amount of exercise, users can efficiently lose more weight with the help of MUMUSK that enables 50% more sweating when compared to other similar products. In addition, the high moisture permeability of the product allows the skin to breathe even when sweat is quickly discharged, which significantly reduces the feeling of stuffy discomfort. 
Today, we’ve talked about boxing workout,
MUMUSK that can enhance the effect of boxing diet.
Boxing, which is a good way to lose weight,
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